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MacOS IT Network and Support Engineer

Location: Ireland

About the role

ETU is a rapidly growing enterprise cloud company that is changing the global talent management landscape. ETU helps the world’s leading companies design and build immersive learning simulations. Our powerful technology unlocks game-changing data analytics, providing insight into workforce behavior around the globe. Learners on the ETU simulation platform are dropped into an unmatched, visceral experience that creates lasting behavior change.

Our strategic clients are top tier Fortune 1000 entities in financial services, pharmaceutical industry, consultancy services and other sectors. Our origins in post-doctoral scientific research and data analytics are manifested in a corporate ethos of robustness, constant business-driven innovation, dynamism, passion and partnership.

ETU is seeking an experienced MacOS IT Network and Support Engineer with a proven track record of supporting staff in Cloud and Mac environments.


Working across all teams within ETU, you will have a wide variety of responsibilities:

Essential experience in:

  • Security Architecture (SecArc)

  • Setup/management of device encryption (macs, phones, tablets etc.)

  • Establishing and maintaining company VPN Networks

  • Centralised management of OS and software updates/patches and versions

Day to day activities:

  • Personnel Support

  • Management of GSuite accounts and management of email lists and documentation

  • Management and support of subscription services such as Dropbox,MS Office, HubSpot, SalesForce, LastPass and others

  • ETU website administration and support
    Purchase and tracking of employee devices (macs, phones, tablets etc.)

  • Domain management of etu.co & subdomains


Proven track record, with a minimum of 2 years experience in some or all the following areas:


  • SerArc

  • Mac OS Environment

  • GSuite

  • MS office 365

  • Website and hosting management


  • Trello

  • Godaddy / Blacknight or similar domain management experience


  • Self-motivation and ability to work independently

  • Communication skills at all levels of an organization

  • Strategic thinking that connects customer goals with ETU

  • B.A./B.S/Masters degree required

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It's been a great experience working with ETU and I'm so excited for the future of our company. Partnering with our clients is rewarding, and the entire team is focused on helping our clients realize true value. Working with the ETU team is such a great mix of creativity, innovation and collaboration, it's a joy to work here and I'm excited for what each day brings.

Anne Clinton

Senior Customer Success Manager, 2 years with ETU