Learnovation 2021: Learning Innovation Summit

Learnovation 2021: Learning Innovation Summit

Oct 12–13, 2021 at 1:30 - 5:30 GMT

Join this virtual 2021 Learnovation Summit, hosted by Learnovate, an Irish-based research and innovation center with one of the richest concentrations of EdTech expertise in Europe. ETU is one of the members of Learnovate and a proud sponsor of their annual summit.

This leading global annual event, Learnovation, gives the opportunity to delve into the latest in learning technology innovation and find out how to transform learning experiences in a rapidly changing environment.

International experts will explore this year’s theme: The Future of Work and Learning - thriving in an evolving workplace. Empower your organization with the latest learning technology strategies, tools and solutions.

Day 1: Learning Redefined: Talent & Skills - how does learning need to be redefined to attract the best talent and skills?

Day 2: Learning Collaboration: Technology & Innovation - how will learning collaboration be supported with technology innovations?

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