Delivering an upskilling revolution

The future of work depends on us to quickly and efficiently identify and remediate critical skill gaps business-wide with immersive digital learning simulations and behavioral learning analytics.

Soft skills

Digitize and accelerate critical soft skills learning to capitalize on change

Never before has the critical need to digitize and scale corporate learning been so urgent. Companies who successfully adopt progressive and cost effective learning programs – especially in ‘soft skill’ disciplines such as leadership, risk & compliance, sales, and diversity - will gain competitive advantage for years to come.

Traditional methods like instructor-led training are either too costly, time-consuming, impossible to scale, or ineffective at delivering the transversal behaviors needed in today’s fast changing business environment. 

Now is the time to upskill and reskill your workforce to deliver tangible business outcomes across your global operations.

$366bnwas spent on corporate training worldwide

*Size of the Training Industry, Training Industry

75%of companies say current training does not measurably improve worker or business performance

‘Getting more from your training programs’ Mckinsey

62%of executives believe they will need to retrain or replace a quarter of their workforce before 2023 due to advancing digitization

‘Retraining and reskilling workers in the age of automation’ Mckinsey


business challenges

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The positive impact of behavioral learning on critical decision making is a must for today’s dynamic business operations. Moving beyond information retention, our immersive simulations help develop the soft skills, behaviors and competencies needed to capitalize on a changing business landscape.

The combination of behavioral science, role-play simulation and rich analytics provides a digital pathway for your people to learn, adapt and outperform. It can be applied in any learning program to address the following business challenges:

Employee motivation and performance

Deliver learning experiences that place employees into realistic job-relevant scenarios to improve motivation and performance and accelerate business impact.

Return on investment

Optimize personalized learning paths that are based on learners’ specific skills gaps, accelerating learning outcomes and reducing seat time.

Talent identification

Benefit from accurate and objective assessment of skills and behaviors of employees to help identify and fast-track high-performers as future business leaders.

Business objectives alignment

Make informed decisions based on accurate and precise insights, to verify the alignment between learning & development initiatives and business goals.


In the words of our clients

“Thank you all for all that you put into this project.  I learned a great deal from the ETU team and will continue to be an ETU proponent.”


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& services

Align business goals with global talent initiatives cost effectively at scale and speed with ETU’s behavioral learning platform, methodology, simulations and services.


Immersive learning simulations

Promote the soft skills and behaviors necessary for today’s evolving business world through real world business scenario role-play simulations.

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Enterprise-grade platform

Build, deliver, and analyze game-changing immersive learning simulations swiftly, securely, and at scale on our unique enterprise level platform.

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Transformative advisory services

Our expert behavioral learning consulting and advisory services help formulate the strategy and the execution of L&D in a fast changing, complex business world.

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Resources and insights

Reskilling the workforce

Reskilling revolution: preparing your workforce for a new digital era

Digital transformation is a top priority for many organizations today. Have a look at our infographic to explore which skills matter most, and how to deliver learning to upskill and reskill.

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Dr. Ed Hubbard

Trends in Diversity & Inclusion: an interview with Dr. Ed Hubbard

We caught up with Dr. Ed Hubbard to discuss the latest thinking on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts, especially learning initiatives underway within companies.

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UpSkill America

ETU sponsors UpSkill America’s efforts to advance education and training for workers

ETU is a proud partner of the UpSkill America network, a national movement to build a skilled workforce and expand economic opportunity for America’s workers.

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