The ultimate learning simulation platform for skills mastery at scale

Use ETU’s advanced, AI-powered simulation platform to build, execute and analyze dynamic learning experiences. Achieve breakthrough improvements in skills and base talent strategies on verified learning data.


Fast, impactful and cost-effective

ETU’s immersive simulation learning platform delivers a 20-50% measurable skill improvement. It’s as good as offering coaching and practice sessions across your entire workforce - but you can make it happen far faster and at a much lower cost.

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Built for scale, speed and security

15xfaster than classroom
60+%learning cost reduction
50%faster sim

Skills mastery with insights

ETU’s platform empowers your organization to upskill and reskill fast, using engaging immersive simulations that directly connect to business priorities and performance.

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Try out a simulation and experience the difference

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Seamless integration with your LMS

Our standards-based Simulation Launch Object loads into your LMS like any content object. Learners enjoy a seamless experience when they access the simulation. Completion status is automatically returned to the LMS and your training admins can see full analytics data.

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Trusted, market-leading expertise

ETU has 10 years of experience co-building immersive simulations with some of the world’s leading companies. Our scenario-based, first person learning design is purpose-built for effective human and business skill development.

How it works

3 ways to start delivering skills mastery in your organization

Whatever the scale and scope of your learning requirement, there’s an easy way to get on board with ETU’s platform. Choose from a starter package for a single simulation, a professional multi-simulation license, or unlimited, strategic, enterprise-wide usage.

Scope 1 Simulation
~15 min seat-time
3-5 skills
3 Simulations
~45 min seat-time
9-15 skills
No. of Learners up to 1,000 1,000+
Commitment 1 Year Multi-Year Multi-Year
Data Analytics Base-level learner data Standard skill reporting Custom, advanced analytics
Platform license (what's included) Learner experience Learner experience + authoring add-on Learner experience, authoring + enterprise server capacity
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Insights and Resources

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ATD research report: Bridging the skills gap

ATD research report: Bridging the skills gap

The ATD research report, sponsored by ETU, examines the current and future skills gaps organizations are facing, as described by 356 talent development professionals. 


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Unlocking the power of experiential learning

Unlocking the power of experiential learning to maximize impact

With experiential learning, the learner takes center stage, actively engaging with and experiencing the learning firsthand. Learning unfolds as a cohesive process, where each stage seamlessly supports and contributes to the subsequent one.

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Scripting simulations - Spring 2024 Release

Scripting a simulation has never been easier - Spring 2024 Release

Reduce script development time with the newest scripting feature, improving the speed and accuracy of script production and reviews for simulation authors and subject matter experts.

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