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Immersive simulations: focus on skills, not knowledge

Make immersive simulations your upskilling accelerator.

Skills – and your employees’ ability to apply those skills – are what drives business performance. 

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What gets measured, gets managed

Immersive simulation training objectively measures skills proficiency. It clearly identifies skill gaps and the workplace situations where your learners struggle the most. Focus your learning and development resources on key skills and measure the impact of your programs.

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Turn knowledge into skill with practice

With immersive simulations, learners develop their skills by experiencing the cause and effect of their actions. They practice difficult situations in a safe environment. Learners that perform poorly the first time improve with each attempt until all learners are performing at the required level.

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Learning with high engagement

Immerse the learner in a realistic workplace setting and let them choose how they might handle it. Add a compelling narrative and each and every learner is fully engaged. Try out a short simulation now to see how real learning transfer happens.

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1. Learning by doing

Learners who attain concepts through experience are able to find ‘Aha moments’ in their actions and failures.

2. Emotional engagement

Cognitive science tells us that when learning evokes an emotional reaction, participants remember it longer and apply it more easily.

3. Active decision making

Immersive simulation training brings the right amount of challenge, requiring more active participation where cause and effect is brought to life.


‘Test-out', ‘test-in' or ‘test-up'

Personalize learning paths to maximize engagement and significantly save both time and money. Low performers are dynamically assigned extra learning content, while high performers bypass unnecessary learning. This reduces seat time by 30%-50%.


Reach your global workforce with impact and speed

Help every employee around the world unlock their true potential through skill development and assessment. ETU’s market leading Learning Simulation Platform is proven with over 1 million simulation users worldwide.

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