Immerse learners in realistic scenarios and capture trusted data

With immersive simulations, learners develop their skills by experiencing the cause and effect of their actions, handling difficult situations in a safe environment.

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Learning by doing

Learn with high engagement

Immerse your learners in a realistic workplace situation and let them decide how to handle it. Add a compelling narrative, so each and every learner is fully engaged.

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1. Learning by doing

When learners achieve skills mastery through experience, their actions and failures help them thoroughly embed the right behaviors and choices.

2. Emotional engagement

Participants remember learning that evokes an emotional reaction for longer and apply it more readily.

3. Active decision making

Immersive simulation brings a stimulating amount of challenge. When causes and effects come to life in a realistic scenario, learners participate more actively.


What gets measured, gets managed

With immersive simulation learning, you can objectively measure skills mastery, clearly identifying skill gaps and workplace situations where your learners underperform. You can focus your resources on key skills and measure the impact of your L&D programs.

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Reach your global workforce with impact and speed

Scale to hundreds or thousands of learners globally, Help every employee build relevant skills to deliver your business strategy. ETU’s market leading immersive simulation platform is effective and trusted by L&D and Talent leaders all over the world.

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upskilling for measurably better performance

up to 15xfaster

than instructor-led

95%+learner satisfaction

from consistently high

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Adaptive learning for individual needs

By dynamically personalizing learning paths, you save a significant amount of time and money. Low performers are automatically given extra learning content, while high performers skip unnecessary sections. This reduces seat time by 30%-50% and keeps the learning experience engaging and relevant for everyone.

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Start benefiting from verified skills data in 4 easy steps

We offer a Starter, Professional or Enterprise package to suit different target workforce sizes and the number of learning simulations you want to create. Whichever you choose, you’ll follow the same rapid process to design and activate your simulations.



Map the skills, metrics you want to achieve and match them with the time and resources you have to create simulations.



Our experts use AI and templates to make design and build quick and easy, tapping into reviews with subject-matter experts. LMS integrations and metrics are set up.



Launch the simulation and engage learners to take part.



Receive and review skills mastery scores. Use learner skills data to chart next steps to address strengths and weaknesses. Use data to optimize future delivery and design.

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