High-impact simulations & skills data you can trust

Let verified skills data drive your learning and talent strategies.

Traditional ways of learning can’t meet today’s L&D and talent needs…


you never know whether learners have acquired the target skills


in-person and 1-to-1 learning can’t meet demand at scale


or proof that learning programs enhance business performance


…but ETU’s market-leading simulation platform can

Our platform connects learned skills and performance using verifiable data. Through immersive learning simulations, students ‘learn by doing’, combining the benefits of  scenario-based learning with rapid, scaleable delivery. L&D and talent leaders receive validated evidence of acquired skills, so they can build effective strategies based on facts.

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Immersive simulations unlock the power of ‘learning by doing’

With immersive simulations, learners develop their skills by experiencing the cause and effect of their actions. They practice difficult situations in a safe environment. Learners that perform poorly the first time improve with each attempt until all learners are performing at the required level.

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SIM Benefits

Tackle your key learning priorities at scale

Quickly upskill your workforce and see a fast impact on critical business outcomes. You can use our simulations in all your priority projects, including improving performance in sales, compliance, leadership and DEI.

leadershipaverage 27%

performance improvement for leaders


average measurable DEI skill improvement


increase in learner participation

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Upskill your workforce with L&D and talent plans based on data

ETU’s skills verification will become a central data source for all your skills and talent strategies. You can prove which types of learning are working and measure the uplift in skills and business impact. Business leaders can quickly upskill their workforce and see a faster impact.

1. Gain insights from your workforce data

2. Increase employee 
impact and motivation

3. Respond to business and market needs

4. Measurably influence 
business performance

Our clients

Immersive simulation learning in the words of our clients

Seize the potential of ETU’s market-leading simulation platform. Delivering skills mastery at scale empowers our clients to better understand the workforce, analyze and refine skills deployment and performance and achieve better value from talent and L&D budgets.

Virtualizing learning at scale with IBM

Andrew Wolff, Virtualizing learning at scale with IBM play-button
VP - Learning at IBM Consulting

Reimagining mandatory training at Merck

Theresa Zeller, reimagining mandatory training at Merck play-button
Global Head of Integrated Learning Experiences at Merck

Transformational learning in DEI

Troy Miles, transformational learning in DE&I play-button
Senior DEI Program Manager at Amazon

Moving to a skills-based talent strategy

linkedIn play-button
Former VP of Talent Development, LinkedIn

Creating immersive simulations for a global team

pwc-steven-murphy play-button
Learning Innovation Senior Manager at PWC

Skills focused learning at Capgemini

Alejandra Salazar - Capgemini play-button
Head of Learning Portfolio at Capgemini

Personalized learning with Microsoft

diana navas-rosette - Microsoft play-button
GM Global D&I Solutions
Client stories
Former VP of Talent Development - LinkedIn
Global Head of Integrated Learning Experiences at Merck
Senior Talent Consultant at Lincoln Financial
Learning Innovation Senior Manager at PWC
Major International Bank
Global Professional Services Firm
Global Consulting Firm

Start benefiting from verified skills data in 4 easy steps

We offer a Starter, Professional or Enterprise package to suit different target workforce sizes and the number of learning simulations you want to create. Whichever you choose, you’ll follow the same rapid process to design and activate your simulations.



Map the skills, metrics you want to achieve and match them with the time and resources you have to create simulations.



Our experts use AI and templates to make design and build quick and easy, tapping into reviews with subject-matter experts. LMS integrations and metrics are set up.



Launch the simulation and engage learners to take part.



Receive and review skills mastery scores. Use learner skills data to chart next steps to address strengths and weaknesses. Use data to optimize future delivery and design.

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