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Immersive learning simulations & behavioral analytics

In a time of unprecedented change, organizations need a better way to deliver effective and scalable digitized learning. Immersive learning is the answer.

What we do

Turn change into
opportunity with ETU

Dynamic organizations know that to thrive in today’s fast changing environment they must optimize the skills and performance of their most critical assets...their people.

ETU delivers the learning expertise, technologies and analytics that help these enterprises turn learning on its head and turn change into opportunity.

what we do

Learning and development teams

Deliver more efficient, effective, scalable and measurable L&D programs.

50%reduced simulation build times
66%seat time savings
Optimize L&D impact


Benefit from realistic, bite-sized, immersive and personalized learning experiences that accelerate skills development.

98%learner engagement and satisfaction
150%increase in training efficacy
Learn new skills fast

Business leadership

Upskill and reskill your workforce in line with business objectives while delivering demonstrable cost savings and results.

$1m+ ROIdirect and indirect operational
cost savings
7%verified job performance
Upskill at scale

Expertise & methodology

Traditional ‘train-then-assess’ corporate learning is falling short of the mark, but there is a better way.

ETU’s unique ‘measure-learn-perform’ behavioral learning methodology helps enterprises thrive on change. The goals are clear: determine competence through an up-front assessment, then learn through scenario-based simulation, and finally apply knowledge with speed and scale. 

Discover a better way

& services

ETU uniquely combines behavioral science, immersive simulation tools, platform technology and data analytics to transform global talent initiatives.


Immersive learning simulations

Experiential, roleplay digital scenarios that enable people to learn from repeated assessment and practice in real-world situations.

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Enterprise-grade platform

Build, deliver, manage, and analyze game-changing, immersive simulations securely, at scale and speed, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional learning tools.

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Transformative advisory and analytics services

Expert behavioral learning consulting and data analytics for a fast changing, complex business world.

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Transforming the transformers

ETU is revolutionizing how progressive global enterprises identify, develop and optimize critical employee skills so they can capitalize on digital and business transformation and outperform the market.

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Learning Innovation Senior Manager at PWC
Global CLO at EY

Resources and insights


of employees more likely to stay for three years if they experienced great onboarding


of employees will stay at a company longer if it invests in their careers


of business leaders ranked soft skills over hard skills when developing their talent

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Strategic Guide: Diversity & Inclusion learning

Strategic guide to building Diversity & Inclusion learning programs

Diversity & inclusion learning is taking center stage in corporate strategy. Access our strategic guide for insights on building D&I learning programs. 

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Data literacy for L&D

5 steps to building data literacy within L&D

Data literacy can help propel L&D's seat at the C-level table. Here are 5 things L&D should be doing to build data literacy within their team. 

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DE&I Simulations

ETU launches two new simulations on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion topics

ETU announces the launch of two new simulation programs on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion topics.

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