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Changing hearts changing minds

Digital transformation is about far more than technology – it’s a complete rethink of how a company does business. Successful organizations return to the fundamentals: they change the mindset and skills of their employees before they decide what technology to use.

Immersive simulation can help measure and upskill key areas related to the digital transformation mindset.

  • Design thinking
  • Agile methods
  • The user perspective
  • Building effective teams
  • Remote collaboration
  • Leading change
  • Asking the right questions
ETU solution

Accelerate your digital transformation

As organizations accelerate digital transformation to stay relevant and compete globally, they face an immense challenge. To be successful, they need to rapidly shift culture and upskill their people in new ways of working such as agile methods, design thinking and data-driven decision making.

ETU | Digital Transformation
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Active learning

Learners need to apply knowledge in realistic situations and evaluate outcomes if they are to create new ways of working that support business transformation.

Upskill at scale

Using behavioral data helps optimize learning tracks and ensure all learners achieve proficiency in the digital acumen skills required.

Digital fitness

ETU’s diagnostic simulations enable a highly efficient way of measuring and developing employee proficiency in new digital skills.

Learner engagement

Immersive simulations are intrinsically motivating, which helps drive engagement to new levels in support of your transformation initiatives.


Outperform the market

ETU’s game-changing immersive learning can help you realize your vision for change. Rapid delivery of custom simulations that map to your transformation initiative is possible with the market-leading learning simulation platform.

20-50%Improvement in target skills


50%Faster simulation builds


45k +Completion badges awarded


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Delivering transformation globally

ETU partnered with a global professional services firm to power a critical component of their digital transformation journey. With ETU’s Learning Simulation Platform the client can accurately and objectively diagnose digital skill gaps in their global employee population. Employees are directed to the personalized learning paths required to fill the gap most effectively and efficiently. If no gaps are identified, the employee tests-out of further training and moves directly to the skills assessment, which ultimately leads to a digital credential and recognition of their achievement.

Putting our people through a common experience created a framework for conversations around the topics. It became part of the culture around putting people at the center of what we do. Without ETU, this would not have been achievable at scale.

COO Learning

Global consultancy firm

Client success story
Why Sims

The most effective skills development method

When learners develop skills through experience and practice, it has to be in the right context. This is why situational-based immersive simulations are the only method that uniquely delivers the ability to practice in context. Not only that – simulation also scales the initiative, and delivers real-time usable data on skills.

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