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DEI leaders interview - Amazon

Amazon training and development: DEI leaders interview series

Amazon's immersive learning program is transforming employee development and DEI behaviors

Amazon is deploying new training and development methods to help its learners to identify and mitigate biases, helping them to identify opportunities to show up and serve as better allies and advocates within a work environment, particularly for members of historically marginalized communities. Amazon is also doubling down on leveraging the immersive learning experience to help its learners more effectively identify the key data inputs for equitably evaluating talent. 

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Some key takeaways from Amazon’s experience in using new methods to train its employees:

  • Amazon realized that to change behaviors, it needed to change learning methods.
  • Learners really enjoy the challenge of simulated learning experiences.
  • Employee skills data has pinpointed areas of opportunity for Amazon.
  • Learner analytics are helping to shape the DEI learning roadmap for the future.  
Why did you search for a new training method?

Amazon was prompted to search for a new way of learning because when it assessed its existing learning roadmap, it realized that the level of engagement they were ultimately looking for, to move the needle and transform behaviors, was not there. Amazon realized that there was an opportunity to:

  • lean very deeply into some of its values, around invention, around experimentation,
  • explore this new learning modality, and
  • unlock new learning potential. 
How are learners reacting after going through DE&I simulations?

The feedback that Amazon has received from learners so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Learners are saying that: 

The simulated learning experiences are the best we've ever had within a corporate learning environment.
You're really being challenged to think before responding in the simulations.

Immersive simulation is completely different from anything that the learners have experienced before, and they are providing clear feedback that they're having fun learning with this new way. 

What is your advice to DEI leaders considering immersive simulations?
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The advice Troy Miles would provide for other DEI leaders looking for immersive learning is to pursue it. 

The immersive simulation experience is completely different from any other modality that's been tried and tested within the learning and development community. It provides such a high degree of immersion, it is such a great opportunity for transformational and sticky learning. Definitely, an effort that all DEI practitioners and even traditional L&D experts should pursue.


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