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Discover more about the latest, cutting edge, behavioral learning methodologies, practices and technology. After years of related award-winning PhD research, we have much to share. Explore the resources below to learn more.

    TechLearn solutions showcase: Experience the latest immersive learning simulation technology

    Join this TechLearn solutions showcase, sponsored by ETU, to discover how to measure learner skills and behaviors using the power of immersive simulation.

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    Panel Discussion: Simulation Effectiveness

    Watch this recorded panel discussion from the CLO Symposium, featuring Theresa Zeller and Jennifer Iannetta of Merck, who shared measured results from the use of simulation-based learning, and some of their best practices when it comes to immersive learning.

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    Learnovation 2021: Learning Innovation Summit

    Join this virtual 2021 Learnovation Summit, sponsored by ETU, to delve into the latest in learning technology innovation and find out how to transform learning experiences in a rapidly changing environment.

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    Delight your learners while delivering measurable behavior change - see how with immersive simulation

    Join this complimentary Training Magazine Network webinar, sponsored by ETU, to hear how leading organizations have successfully added immersive simulation to upskill and delight learners at scale.

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    How financial services firms build DE&I capability using immersive learning simulations

    Join this Financial Services Learning & Talent Development Innovations conference session, sponsored by ETU, to take a closer look at how L&D teams are using simulation technology to build DE&I skills and awareness within their workforce.

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    Training Industry leader talk: experiential learning technologies

    During this Training Industry Leader Talk, thought leaders from industry innovators will explore the varying uses for experiential technologies and demonstrate how learning leaders can leverage these solutions to provide impactful learning solutions that result in learning transfer.

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    From compliance to competence: how immersive learning is driving a new era of risk governance

    Join this complimentary Compliance Week webinar, sponsored by ETU, to learn how simulation learner data can protect you under DOJ, SEC, and IMF regulatory guidelines.

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    Product demo: ETU's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion simulations

    Join this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by ETU, to watch a DE&I learning simulation in action.

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    Webinar: Rapid upskilling using immersive digital simulations and data analytics

    Join this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by ETU, to learn how scenario-based simulations can effectively upskill your workforce at scale.

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    Simulations made simple: debunking 3 simulation myths

    Watch this webinar to debunk 3 simulations myths, and take a firsthand look at why sims might be easier to implement than you think.

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    Building your D&I learning strategy: a conversation with experts

    Join this complimentary Chief Learning Officer webinar, sponsored by ETU, to learn from D&I thought leaders about the critical elements of a D&I learning strategy.

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