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Wide application of immersive simulations

We have over 10 years of experience co-building immersive simulations with some of the world's leading companies. These simulations address a wide range of human and business skills. Explore a sample of our areas of expertise.


Develop workplace leaders

Leadership development remains a top 10 objective for organizations globally. With tightening labor markets and the global war for talent, the ability to develop leaders from within is a critical requirement for all organizations.

See how simulation learning can accelerate leadership development in your organization.

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ETU | Compliance & Risk
Compliance & Risk

Compliance & risk

Building and maintaining a robust compliance & risk culture and mindset is an ongoing challenge within regulated industries. In safety-critical industries, new immersive approaches to safety training are also becoming more common.

See how simulation learning can help reduce risk in your organization.

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Other expertise

Other areas of expertise

Immersive simulation learning can be applied in dozens of topic areas, with hundreds of different learning projects being good candidates for simulation. Here are a few additional disciplines where ETU’s simulations have had great success.

Sales & Service

Consultative sales practices are moving into the trusted advisor space and these skills are also required more widely across the organization in other advisory roles. Similarly upskilling customer service teams with the interpersonal skills they need in fast changing environments is critical for success.

See how simulation learning can build the sales and service skills critical for success.

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With the war for talent at an all time high, it is critical to get onboarding right. It is also an ideal opportunity to immerse people in the organizational culture and develop the mindset, skills and behaviors you want to nurture in your new employees. Wow new hires with an immersive experience.

See how simulation learning can breathe new life into your onboarding programs.

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Digital Transformation

Contrary to popular belief, digital transformation is less about technology and more about people. You can pretty much buy any technology, but your ability to adapt to an even more digital future and transform your business depends on developing the next generation of skills.

See how simulation learning can be the lynchpin in your digital transformation effort.

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ETU | Digital Transformation


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Companies that have a comprehensive approach to DE&I in both gender and race perform over 25% better than organizations that don’t. Immersive, situation-based technologies allow you to drive your DE&I strategy and budget by tapping into skills data and the underlying workplace behaviors.

See how simulation learning can make DE&I education effective and efficient.

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Our clients

Expertise built working with the global L&D leaders

ETU partners with innovative enterprises where people, thinking and skills are critical assets and competitive advantage. Our solutions help transform how our clients develop and upskill their workforces to win in the knowledge economy - globally and at scale.

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