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DEI training: diversity, equity & inclusion simulations with impact

At ETU we're proud of our DEI training solutions, with award-winning simulations in both race and gender areas. These can be deployed immediately or tailored to your specific needs.

Similarly, our off-the-shelf harassment prevention training can protect employees from incidents and improve culture.

Our immersive, scenario-based simulations bring learning beyond simple awareness, building to permanent diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) behavior change.

  • Taking action on unconscious bias
  • Using empathy in perspective taking
  • Displaying advocacy, allyship and anti-racism
  • Promoting equity through feedback 
  • Building inclusive teams
  • Understanding sexual harassment
  • Workplace communication and prevention
  • Gender, gender identity, and gender expression in the workplace
ETU solution

Supporting DEI behavior change

Leading companies are looking at moving beyond awareness to visible behavior change. It’s critical to not only help the workforce to recognize their gaps, but also enable workers with ways to change their behavior. Contemporary off-the-shelf simulations involve real-life workplace situations, allowing learners the psychological safety to practice their reactions in difficult situations involving racial issues, gender identity, LGTBQ discrimination, and sexual harassment.

Sample our DEI simulation

Active learning

Immersive, scenario-based training environments allow learners to apply conscious and unconscious decision-making and see the impacts of their actions in a safe way.

Coaching at scale

Just-in-time feedback is critical, as it provides the psychological safety to make decisions and prepares learners for the kinds of situations they may face in the real world.

Delivered digitally

Using simulations employees across any role and department are able to learn, practice, and apply DEI behaviors in realistic scenarios and conversations.

Areas of opportunity

Behavioral insights from the simulation allow you to pinpoint behavior gaps and determine what areas to prioritize for development.


Measure behavior change

Driving diversity progress for the organization requires behavior change at the individual level. Nurturing inclusion requires individuals to think beyond themselves to build trust and foster authentic connections. Read our strategic guide to building Diversity & Inclusion learning programs.

+11%Average skill improvement


4.3 of 5Highest rating for a digital program


94%Learners agree worthwhile


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Sexual harassment prevention program

A large energy company wanted their leaders to be put into challenging situations that addressed sexual harassment prevention, so together with ETU they created simulations that place leaders into “decision-making grey areas" to spark uncomfortable emotional reactions. The simulations allowed them to not only practice their skills in a safe place, but also provided valuable coaching if the leader made a decision that was not optimal. Read more about ETU's Sexual Harassment Prevention Training program.

The ETU platform has been a game changer for us. The high level of data and insights about our learners that we’re able to pull from the simulation has given us a significant advantage.

Jon Faulk

Director Learning Curriculum & Technology, PG&E

Client success story
Why Sims

The most effective skills development method

When learners develop skills through experience and practice, it has to be in the right context. This is why situational-based immersive simulations are the only method that uniquely delivers the ability to practice in context. Not only that – simulation also scales the initiative, and delivers real-time usable data on skills.

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