LEADERSHIP development

Develop and upskill talented leaders

Give your current and future leaders the chance to improve and practice skills in a safe environment. Realistic, immersive simulations help them learn by doing and embed leadership behaviors that they model to others.

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Leadership skills mastery

Leadership simulations can help managers at all levels to improve their skills, inspire their teams and enhance business results. Through leadership development simulations, current and future leaders across your entire organization can find new ways of dealing with challenging issues and can manage their people more effectively.

  • Change management
  • Coaching
  • Giving feedback
  • Difficult conversations
  • Establishing priorities
  • Data-driven storytelling
  • Team collaboration
  • Leadership philosophy
ETU solution

Safe practice environment

A psychologically safe environment allows leaders to practice key skills and decision-making without risk. Leadership simulation training allows learners to test themselves and make mistakes in lifelike situations without peer scrutiny. Our simulation platform provides continuous rich insights on performance gaps.


Immersive learning experiences place learners into realistic, job-relevant scenarios where they can apply what they know to solve business critical problems.

Turn mistakes into learning opportunities

Immersive simulations allow learners to safely and repeatedly practice decision making in challenging business contexts, that in the real world carry significant risks.

Assess skills & behaviors

Real-time analytics inform personalized learning paths, enabling learners to concentrate on their weaknesses and skill gaps and improve performance outcomes.

Align with learner expectations

Access to immersive learning anytime, anywhere gives leaders the opportunity to balance learning with their daily workload and learn in bite-sized chunks.

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Transforming L&D delivery globally

Traditional, face to face instructor-led leadership training is costly, time-consuming, impractical to scale, and often ineffective. The need to digitize and scale corporate learning is pressing, especially in ‘soft skill’ disciplines such as human-centered leadership, giving feedback, reasoning, critical and creative thinking.

$20mL&D delivery savings
with simulations

50%Faster simulation builds
with AI

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CLIent story

Our leadership development training with clients

A leading global professional service firm with over 100,000 employees used immersive simulations to develop senior leaders’ abilities to drive change within the organization. The program of six micro-simulations was constructed to support the implementation of a broader ‘Leading Change’ training program within the firm.

The immersive leadership simulations presented realistic and challenging scenarios where the learners could test and develop their skills and behaviors while receiving personalized coaching on their decisions.

Client success story
Two challenges that ETU have really helped us with. One is the effective instruction and the second thing is the measurement. We get data all the way from learning to application.

Chief Learning Officer

Global professional services firm


Start benefiting from verified skills data in 4 easy steps

We offer a Starter, Professional or Enterprise package to suit different target workforce sizes and the number of learning simulations you want to create. Whichever you choose, you’ll follow the same rapid process to design and activate your simulations.



Map the skills, metrics you want to achieve and match them with the time and resources you have to create simulations.



Our experts use AI and templates to make design and build quick and easy, tapping into reviews  with Subject Matter Experts. LMS integrations and metrics are set up.



Launch the simulation and engage learners to take part.



Receive and review skills mastery scores. Use learner skill data to chart next steps to address strengths and weaknesses. Use data to optimize future delivery and design.

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