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Discover more about the latest, cutting edge, behavioral learning methodologies, practices and technology. After years of related award-winning PhD research, we have much to share. Explore the resources below to learn more.

    ETU's Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

    No one in today's workplace should be made to feel uncomfortable or threatened by harassing behavior from co-workers. Explore the business case around sexual harassment prevention programs.

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    DE&I initiatives: how do you know if they are working?

    Assuming behavior change is at the core of our goal for DE&I initiatives, what should organizations track and measure as leading and lagging indicators of successful behavior change?

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    Upskilling trends in Corporate America: an interview with Jaime Fall, director of UpSkill America

    We caught up with Jaime Fall to discuss the key upskilling trends he is seeing in his work with America’s largest companies on their training and education strategies.

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    5 steps to building data literacy within L&D

    Data literacy can help propel L&D's seat at the C-level table. Here are 5 things L&D should be doing to build data literacy within their team. 

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    L&D can deliver more by applying agile workflows

    Learning & Development teams are constantly being asked for better learning, more aligned to business goals, delivered faster. Is agile the answer? Explore the possibility of applying agile methodology to learning initiatives.

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    Making the most of your learning data: turning insights into action

    Unfortunately, sometimes results of well-crafted learning analyses don't go anywhere. Maximize the likelihood that meaningful learning data will drive action by following insights in our latest blog.

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    Trends in Diversity & Inclusion: an interview with Dr. Ed Hubbard

    We caught up with Dr. Ed Hubbard to discuss the latest thinking on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts, especially learning initiatives underway within companies.

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    Learning measurement: moving from data collection to data insights

    When displaying data from your learning assessments, it's critical to keep it clear and clean. Read tips for the best ways to share learning results.

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    ‘Design thinking’ puts creativity back into learning design

    Design thinking is a way to gain greater understanding of the user of your product. Explore how it might be applied to learning design.

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    It’s time to reboot your learning measurement

    In this new world, where the delivery options are limited, it is critical to know if your learning programs are increasing skills and advancing business outcomes. Now's the time to reboot your measurement approach -- here are four steps to get started. 

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    Modern social learning: why it's the best way to gain critical soft skills

    Successful organizations depend on subtle social networks. Read why social elements are a critical part of today's learning approach.

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