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Engaging compliance & risk management training

Create engaging compliance training and develop a proactive mindset for business risk management, using immersive learning simulations from ETU.

Building a compliance & risk mindset is an ongoing challenge in regulated industries. The balance of driving growth and competitiveness in the context of ethical and compliant practices is an intricate one.

Simulations have proven highly effective in changing some of the most critical risk & compliance behaviors.

  • Risk culture and ethics
  • Safety processes
  • Information protection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Conduct of business rules
  • Open reporting culture
  • Ethical decision making
  • Fraud/AML red flags
  • HIPAA compliance
ETU solution

Business Ethics Simulation

When it comes to business ethics training, many of the rules are self-evident. However, ambiguous situations also occur where it may not be as clear to employees what they should do. Placing learners in realistic situations enables them to practice speaking up, even when it may lead to conflict. Progressive companies are building business ethics and compliance culture programs based on immersive experiences, which proactively develop the right skills and behaviors.

Time to proficiency

Proficiency comes up to 15 times faster with simulation than with classroom training for mandatory safety training to new employees.

Realistic situations

Rather than rely on knowledge checks, learners are now immersed in realistic situations where they actively make a right or wrong decision.

Critical thinking

Immersive experiences encourage critical thinking that empowers employees to make critical compliance decisions in a wide range of scenarios.

Employee behaviors

Simulation allows a focus on the compliance and risk behaviors, rather than policy documents. Immersive simulation measures and develops critical behaviors.


Transform how employees manage risk-related issues

Focus on critical skills and knowledge while using real life dilemmas that resonate with learners. For experienced employees, show that you value their skills by tailoring the experience. Leverage behavioral data that demonstrates employees’ ability to mitigate risk rather than read a policy.

15XFaster to train

+21%Increase in performance


-97%Reduction in errors


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Mitigate risk while reducing seat time

ETU partnered with Merck on the Reimagined Mandatory Training program. The objectives are to develop a new program that drives behavior change - through the development of compliance IQ while optimizing learner time through skills assessment and personalization.

We saw an average of +27% performance improvement with leaders and +41% performance improvement with our primary audience.

Theresa Zeller

Global Head of Integrated Learning Experiences, Merck

Client success story
Why Sims

The most effective skills development method

When learners develop skills through experience, it has to be in the right context. This is why situation-based immersive simulations are the only method that uniquely delivers the ability to practice in context. Not only that – simulation also scales the initiative, and delivers real-time usable data on skills.

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Risk and compliance training

Improve workplace compliance training with immersive simulations

Dr. Conor Gaffney outlines some specific examples of improving workplace compliance training by leveraging the behavior change, scalability, and measurement capabilities of immersive simulations. 

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ETU Webinar: From compliance to competence

How immersive learning is driving a new era of risk governance

Watch this recorded Compliance Week webinar, sponsored by ETU, to learn how simulation learner data can protect you under DOJ, SEC, and IMF regulatory guidelines.

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