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who we are

Pioneering the impact of behavioral change in L&D


Behavior and the future of work

We live in exciting times for the future of work; at the convergence of digital transformation, global reskilling and fully unlocking the potential of talent. At the epicenter of this convergence is human behavior. We know that optimizing human behavior requires a combination of psychology, neuroscience, data science and technology. With this combination, we can empower organizations to unlock the true potential of their talent to outmaneuver and outperform the competition.


Our story

Our story began nearly two decades ago on a college campus. With common interests in psychology, data science and technology, our award-winning PhD research paved the way forward for ETU’s game-changing behavioral assessment and learning methodologies, simulations and analytics. Scroll or click on the years on the left to read more.

13 milbehavioral measurements

and growing exponentially

750k +simulations

delivered across 6 continents

Award-winningPhD research

in the field of behavioral science, immersive solutions and analytics

Founded in Trinity College, Dublin

Funded by Intel and Trinity College, ETU co-founders Declan Dagger and Vincent Wade researched and developed the early adaptive eLearning systems; shifting from one-size fits all didactic teaching to personalize the pace, content and style of teaching to the preferences of the individual learner. While delivering exceptional learner experiences, a critical ingredient for skills development was missing: experiential learning or learning-by-doing. Partnering with Michael Gill and Brian Fitzmaurice, ETU pivoted its research focus into adaptive simulations. When lives depend on it or something is mission critical, simulation is always the go-to training method. That’s why the military, airline, space and medical industries use simulation as their core training method. However, simulation was expensive, difficult to develop, and almost impossible to scale globally. ETU set about solving these challenges.

Investment assists commercial growth

With investment from City & Guilds, LEAF and Enterprise Ireland, ETU spun out of Trinity College to commercialize its ground-breaking technology and methods for building, delivering and analyzing simulations, at scale. During this period, and based on an intensive customer success program, ETU researched, developed and validated advanced techniques for accurately and precisely measuring human behavior through simulation. This unique capability now underpins ETU’s Measure- Learn-Perform methodology, providing unrivaled abilities to optimize employee behavior to drive learning and business outcomes, on a global scale.

Global expansion rollout

As ETU’s simulation technology and methodology continued to advance, its application expanded further across the talent development lifecycle into areas such as onboarding, compliance, ethics, risk, leadership, sales and customer service. With large strategic rollouts completed, ETU’s ability to deliver game-changing behavioral solutions that deliver measurable business impact on a global scale was proven.

Exponential growth

ETU now has a positive impact on the lives and careers of millions of learners around the world. We are honored with the opportunity to partner with and deliver exceptional value to an impressive list of Fortune 100 and global organizations. Helping our customers deploy advanced behavioral solutions to their most pressing challenges while delivering measurable business impact is incredibly rewarding. As we continue our exponential growth, ETU remains committed to investing in and delivering groundbreaking innovations in behavioral assessment and learning to global organizations.


Join the team

Our groundbreaking technology and methodology is the cumulative result of decades of award-winning PhD research in the field of immersive learning, behavioral psychology, neuroscience and data science. With our continued global expansion, we are currently on the lookout for suitable candidates to join our team in the following roles: