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B2B sales training & customer service simulation

Immersive B2B sales training and customer service simulation can quickly upskill your teams for success.

The world of sales and service is evolving rapidly as digital transformation and the democratization of information gathers pace. With large portions of the customer buying journey happening online, consultative sales practices are a requirement for today’s sales teams.

After the sale, service teams must also act as trusted advisors, using skills to elevate their position with the customer.

  • Active listening
  • Problem solving
  • Asking the right questions
  • Lead with empathy
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Negotiation
  • Solution selling to C-suite
ETU solution

Enable simulated practice

Upskill a sales team to be more consultative or align with a new sales process. Building trust and credibility, and active listening need realistic application and safe practice environments for success. Embed high-impact training simulations into programs to enable simulated practice, feedback, coaching, and real-time analytics on performance.

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Reduce time to competence

Adaptive personalization dynamically adjusts learner journeys based on measured skills. Use it to reduce learner fatigue and accelerate time to competence.

Anytime coaching

Learners choose when to go through a simulation, with no need to book assessments or role-plays. Enable coaching feedback as learners practice challenging scenarios.

Assess team skills

Intelligent data provides analytics on learner skills and learning needs. For example, what skills are stronger? Weaker?

Improve engagement

Realistic and challenging scenarios immediately engage learners. They feel like they are in real customer interactions and engage at an emotional level.


Transform learning delivery at scale

Traditional face to face instructor-led training (ILT) is costly, time-consuming and impractical to scale. Shifting from live training to digital-first, blended learning dramatically increases participation and facilitates more rapid skill development.

300kBillable hours of consultant time saved


81 NPSLearner Net Promoter Score


20xIncrease in participation


Sample a short simulation now

Virtualize sales training at every level

ETU partnered with a global technology consulting provider to virtualize their core consulting training at manager, senior manager and director levels. Participation rates are on track to reach 20 times the instructor-led level, and the training is personalized to the individual learner based on their in-simulation performance. This adaptive personalization is highly engaging and furthers seat time savings. Immersive simulations are blended in the learning journey so learners can apply new skills immediately and receive personalized coaching in the moment.

Consultant time is valuable—and therefore costly. Every hour invested in training is an hour unavailable for billable work. Being effective and efficient with learners’ time was critical. We chose adaptive simulations to help personalize learning delivery, allowing just-in-time, just-enough, just-for-me skill building for consultants around the globe.

Andrew Wolff, VP - Learning

IBM Consulting

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Why Sims

The most effective skills development method

When learners develop skills through experience and practice, it has to be in the right context. This is why situational-based immersive simulations are the only method that uniquely delivers the ability to practice in context. Not only that – simulation also scales the initiative, and delivers real-time usable data on skills.

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