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Employee onboarding

In the war for talent, getting employees off to a great start is key. Immersive learning simulations provide an engaging experience that embeds organizational knowledge, attitude, skills and behaviors quickly with every new employee, so they’re set up for success.

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Effective onboarding with immersive simulations

Immersive simulations help new recruits develop critical skills from day one. Onboarding is a moment of truth when you can begin to establish recruits’ engagement levels and develop the mindset you want in your new employees.

  • Foundational skills
  • Problem solving
  • Business conduct
  • Delivering excellence
  • Ethics and business acumen
  • Information security
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Give new employees the skills
to succeed

In a fast-changing, digitally accelerated world, you need effective learning and development solutions that you can activate quickly. Immersive learning simulations provide skills-based, practice-oriented experiences for learners. Personalized learning paths and relevant content help embrace different skill levels and learning styles.

Create onboarding checkpoints

Immersive simulations objectively assess a new hire’s ability to apply skills in your business context.

Turn mistakes into learning opportunities

Allow new employees to practice critical decision making safely in realistic business contexts and learn from their mistakes.


New employees bring varied skill levels to the business. Recognize their expertise and use skills assessment to customize their learning path from the get-go.

Delight new hires

The modern workforce expects engaging learning anytime, anywhere, in bite-sized chunks. Delight new hires by building immersive experiences into onboarding journeys.

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Try out a simulation and experience the difference

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A digitally transformed solution

Traditional onboarding methods, including virtual instructor-led training, are too costly, time-consuming and prove impossible to scale. Immersive simulation helps you adapt to digital asynchronous delivery, to ensure onboarding success.

> 400ksimulation completions

+14%average learner skill improvement

4.5/5rating for learning relevance and value

CLIent story

onboarding success

A global professional services firm partnered with ETU to deploy immersive simulations at strategic points within their 120 day onboarding program, targeting 55,000 new hires over a 5 year period. The simulations were designed to capture the range of working situations the new hires would find themselves in once in the job. Preparing for their new roles, the new employees navigated complex situations in the simulations and applied their knowledge.

Client success story
Before ETU, the new hires would pass the knowledge tests of the onboarding program and enter the job role where significant ‘compliance mindset’ issues would manifest. Now behavioral issues are accurately identified and remediated, significantly reducing the risk profile of new hires in the job.

L&D Leader

Global Professional Services Firm


Start benefiting from verified skills data in 4 easy steps

We offer a Starter, Professional or Enterprise package to suit different target workforce sizes and the number of learning simulations you want to create. Whichever you choose, you’ll follow the same rapid process to design and activate your simulations.



Map the skills, metrics you want to achieve and match them with the time and resources you have to create simulations.



Our experts use AI and templates to make design and build quick and easy, tapping into reviews  with Subject Matter Experts. LMS integrations and metrics are set up.



Launch the simulation and engage learners to take part.



Receive and review skills mastery scores. Use learner skill data to chart next steps to address strengths and weaknesses. Use data to optimize future delivery and design.

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