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Discover more about the latest, cutting edge, behavioral learning methodologies, practices and technology. After years of related award-winning PhD research, we have much to share. Explore the resources below to learn more.

    What naturally follows the Great Resignation? A reskilling & upskilling revolution

    ETU's Chief Executive Officer, Michael Veale, recently contributed an article to CEOWORLD magazine that focused on how organizations can utilize reskilling and upskilling for engagement, job satisfaction, and retention.

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    Upskilling by the numbers: Reach your global workforce with impact and speed

    Upskilling and reskilling has never been more important. Have a look at our infographic that outlines the key skills, compares delivery methods and shares real world results.

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    Build organizational culture through immersive experiences

    ETU's Chief Operating Officer, Declan Dagger, recently contributed an article to Training Industry that focused on building organizational culture through immersive experiences. 

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    4 strategies to upskill your hybrid team effectively

    Upskilling hybrid teams will continue to be a major 2022 goal. Here are 4 strategies to ensure organizations can upskill their hybrid team effectively.

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    ETU takes triple gold at Brandon Hall technology awards

    ETU won 3 coveted Brandon Hall Group gold awards for excellence, and 1 bronze award. The awards were won jointly with ETU’s client Merck & Co.

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    In 2022, HR leaders should think about the collective picture

    ETU's CEO Michael Veale recently contributed an article to that focused on 2022 trends that will shape the future of work.

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    eLearning is killing your organization: Here’s why & what you can do about it

    How can you ensure eLearning isn’t killing your organization? Here are 4 things to remember to ensure your corporate learning is engaging and effective.

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    Build better and faster with ETU Platform Release 21.3

    Release 21.3 of ETU's Learning Simulation Platform (LSP) provides breakthrough improvements in the Simulation Builder, along with a refresh of how feedback is provided in the Learner Experience.

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    ETU sponsors Irish football league in support of community outreach

    As part of a larger effort to support local health, wellbeing, and social inclusiveness efforts in the local Irish community, ETU sponsored two Gaelic social football teams.

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    ETU continues to exponentially grow, expanding its customer and employee base

    ETU, the market leader in learning simulation technology, continues on an exponential growth trajectory. On track to double its revenue in 2021, the company continues to evolve, expand and scale.

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    TechLearn solutions showcase: Experience the latest immersive learning simulation technology

    Join this TechLearn solutions showcase, sponsored by ETU, to discover how to measure learner skills and behaviors using the power of immersive simulation.

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