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Discover more about the latest, cutting edge, behavioral learning methodologies, practices and technology. After years of related award-winning PhD research, we have much to share. Explore the resources below to learn more.

Webinar: Supporting tomorrow's leaders

Join this webinar, hosted by FromDayOne with support from ETU, to hear the key components of an interactive and engaging leadership development program that effectively prepares leaders for their future roles.

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Skills-focused learning at Capgemini: Learning leaders interview

Learn how Capgemini is deploying immersive learning to transform DEI behaviors. In this interview, Alejandra Salazar shares her experience with this training method, and the impact learner analytics is having on strategy.

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ATD research report: Bridging the skills gap

The ATD research report, sponsored by ETU, examines the current and future skills gaps organizations are facing, as described by 356 talent development professionals. 


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Scripting a simulation has never been easier - Spring 2024 Release

Reduce script development time with the newest scripting feature, improving the speed and accuracy of script production and reviews for simulation authors and subject matter experts.

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The Learning Geeks podcast: Data-driven immersive learning for soft skill verification

Listen to this Learning Geeks podcast with ETU's Declan Dagger talking about immersive learning data, and the best ways to extract it from immersive learning like simulations.

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Webcast: Developing crucial competencies to enhance workplace DEI

Watch this webinar panel of DEI experts hosted by FromDayOne with support from ETU to discuss critical diversity & inclusion skills and how they're building them with employees.

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Buyer's Guide: How to choose the best skills measurement platform

As you consider what your skills measurement solution will look like, start with our Buyer's Guide, which provides some key questions to ask prospective vendors and shares advice on how to get started with skills measurement.

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Empower stakeholders with precision insights - Winter 2024 release

Accelerate your data-driven decision-making with ETU's new configurable reporting for diverse stakeholders. Delight learners with the refreshed user interface that reduces cognitive load and boosts learning effectiveness.

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Unlocking the power of experiential learning to maximize impact

With experiential learning, the learner takes center stage, actively engaging with and experiencing the learning firsthand. Learning unfolds as a cohesive process, where each stage seamlessly supports and contributes to the subsequent one.

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Bill Kiley joins ETU as new Account Executive

ETU welcomes Bill Kiley as Account Executive on the Sales team. With over 10 years of experience in enterprise SaaS selling, Bill brings strong expertise to his new role. He will be focused on new customer growth and work closely with ETU’s Head of Sales.

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Andrew Sweeny joins ETU as new Chief Operating Officer

ETU today announced that Andrew Sweeny has joined its executive team as Chief Operating Officer. He will own ETU’s important “One View of the Customer '' strategy, which ensures cross-team accountability and smooth hand-offs at internal intersection points. 

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