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and insights

Discover more about the latest, cutting edge, behavioral learning methodologies, practices and technology. After years of related award-winning PhD research, we have much to share. Explore the resources below to learn more.

    Three steps to get started with simulation learning

    Virtual learning is poised to leap forward during the Covid-19 public health crisis because workers in the knowledge economy have shifted to virtual environments.  As the working world becomes more digital and automated, so too does much of the learning world.

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    Digital upskilling of US workforce

    Discover how ETUs immersive, behavioral learning & measurement simulations are transforming a major consulting firm in our leadership development training case study.

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    ETU hires new Head of Marketing to support rapid growth

    ETU today announced that East Apthorp has joined its team as Head of Marketing. 

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    How ETU transformed L&D in a worldwide bank

    Discover how immersive behavioral learning simulations helped a leading investment bank mitigate risk, reduce seat time and generate $1 million in ROI

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    L&D is dead. Long live learning.

    Is the writing on the wall for Learning and Development? I hear a common message from practitioners and vendors alike: L&D is struggling to be seen as an agent for change in organizations.

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    Hard lessons to be learned in the soft skills revolution

    Find out more about techniques for creating strong alignment between your talent program and the business needs in our research paper, produced with inputs from over 50 industry experts.

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    Conversation with Teresa Zeller from Merck

    At a recent CLO Exchange Event, ETU teamed up with our customer Merck to discuss their current L&D priorities. Theresa Zeller, Head of Global Learning & Development for Merck’s Manufacturing Division talked with Maria King from ETU. 

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