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Empower stakeholders with precision insights - Winter 2024 release

Precision Insights - Winter 2024 Release

ETU is pleased to introduce configurable Auto Insights in its Learning Simulation Platform Winter 2024 release. Accelerate your data-driven decision-making with ETU's new configurable reporting for diverse stakeholders. The latest release also includes a refreshed and streamlined user interface that puts learners at the forefront of their immersive experience.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all analytics

The latest release introduces personalized reports tailored to the unique needs of program owners, learning leaders, and other stakeholders. Now, each stakeholder can receive information that is most relevant to them, enhancing decision-making and driving strategic initiatives forward.

Gone are the days of sifting through irrelevant data points. ETU's configurable Auto Insights ensures that each stakeholder receives precisely what they need. Customized reporting brings a host of benefits. It enables stakeholders to focus on key metrics that matter most to their role, eliminating the noise of unnecessary data. Program owners can now gain granular insights into the program's engagement and efficacy, business stakeholders can track key performance indicators aligning with their goals, and learning leaders can measure training impact with targeted learner analytics. The advantage? Streamlined communication, efficient resource allocation, and a significant boost in overall organizational performance.


Stakeholder auto insights configurations

Sample auto insights configurations showing current and planned future components

ETU’s easy-to-use configuration and packaged components take the heavy lifting out of creating custom reports. In this release, the configuration is available to the ETU services team with a self-service option planned for the Spring release.

Component-based configuration of Auto InsightsComponent-based configuration of Auto Insights

Experience immersive learning as it should be

Welcome to ETU’s improved learner experience. Our refreshed user interface is designed for simplicity and intuitiveness, making learning more engaging. The clean, streamlined design encourages completion by presenting learners with a clear path to their learning objectives, free from unnecessary distractions. Our smart UI adapts to the learner’s journey, revealing options only when relevant. This ensures a focused and immersive learning experience, reducing cognitive load and boosting learning effectiveness. With ETU, we believe in putting the learner first. Experience the joy of learning in its purest form, uncluttered and uncomplicated. Dive in and discover the ETU difference today!




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