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Data Analytics

Skills Insights

Access real-time analytics and insights, enabling precise understanding of the skills of your workforce. Accurate, objective data is captured as learners make choices within simulations, identifying skill gaps and quantifying workforce readiness at scale. Focus resources and investments on identified skill gaps to increase solution impact and reduce overall learning cycle time.


Measure and improve skills

Based on precision measurement of how people apply skills rather than simply retain knowledge, ETU’s diagnostic simulations enable a highly efficient and effective way of assessing employee proficiency in relevant skills. Personalized learning and skills practice allow all learners to take a customized path and still achieve the required skill level for the program.

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Data-rich insights delivering tangible results

Advanced skills analytics generate insights that inform talent management, measure learner performance and help stakeholders quickly and precisely identify focus areas to remediate any critical skills gaps.

ETU | Skills Insights - personalized learner feedback

Automatic push reports

Regular analytics are automatically shared with stakeholders. The reports pinpoint what is and what is not working allowing the team to improve the effectiveness of new and ongoing L&D programs.

Stakeholders can see if learners are applying what they’ve learned and where they are making mistakes. Updated skill levels highlight skills gaps and the progress being made to close them.

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ETU | Skills Insights - behavioral data

Behavioral data science

Measure the underlying behaviors linked to the business challenge or goal. Aggregating data across individuals, teams, functions and the whole organization provides rich skills insights that inform talent and business decisions.

ETU’s advisory team provides advanced analysis of the data and related business metrics to uncover actionable insights. Based on your business objectives, we perform analysis across your simulations to show the impact of immersive learning on the business.

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ETU | Skills Insights - personalized feedback

Personalized learner feedback

As learners move through the simulation, ETU tracks each decision and action they make, and those decisions are tied to specific skills. Detailed skills assessment and feedback highlight strengths and weaknesses for self-awareness and development support.

Simulations provide a safe and supportive environment to learn from mistakes without negatively impacting their job performance.

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Measuring effectiveness

Measuring skills and behaviors in the workplace can be challenging, as it traditionally involves observation by a trained industrial and organizational psychologist. This creates scale and objectivity challenges of its own.

Traditional eLearning methods primarily focus on knowledge transfer and simple knowledge checks, and many times all you receive is self-reported survey data. ETU’s approach provides rich, actionable skills data - and does it in a scalable way, tying it to business outcomes.

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ETU | Effectively measuring skills with our Learning Simulations Platform

Our areas of expertise

ETU’s deep expertise comes from over 10 years of co-building behavioral simulations with some of the world’s leading companies. Scenario-based learning design, combined with an engaging first person perspective is ideally suited to human and business skill development. We can help you transform learning in critical business areas such as:


Insights and resources

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ETU - Interview with Eric Dingler, Deloitte

Deloitte Learning and Development: Learning Leaders Interview

Deloitte now trains employees in more immersive, more adaptive, and more personalized ways. In this interview, Eric Dingler, CLO at Deloitte US, shares his views on how L&D is evolving and what this means for skills-based organizations of the future.

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CLO Symposium 2022 workshop

Effective use of assessments for a skills-based organization

Watch this recorded workshop from the CLO Symposium featuring McKinsey, who shared examples from using development-based assessments. It includes the results from the use of simulation on a company-wide compliance training initiative.

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Peggy Parskey - Time to reboot your learning measurement

It’s time to reboot your learning measurement

In this new world, where the delivery options are limited, it is critical to know if your learning programs are increasing skills and advancing business outcomes. Now's the time to reboot your measurement approach -- here are four steps to get started. 

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