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Learner Experience

Immersive Simulator

Emulate real-world situations for learners to apply skills, retain knowledge and accelerate lasting behavior change. The powerful and intuitive platform interface engages learners and makes learning stick.


Improve learner engagement

Highly personalized feedback improves learner engagement. Next steps are clearly signposted to learners, promoting upskilling through focused coaching and practice. Encourage feedback and direct your learners to the right content.


Promote critical thinking

Immersive simulations from ETU promote nuanced critical thinking and practical problem solving, and provide unlimited opportunities to practice and perfect how to navigate challenging real-world business scenarios.

ETU | Immersive Simulator - Immersive experiences

Immersive, job-relevant experiences

Rich scenario-based learning experiences place learners in the driving seat of immersive job-relevant simulations.

Active learning-by-doing pinpoints the desired skills and behaviors required for a job – and tests the learner’s ability within the simulation. The result is seat-time reduction up to 60% while increasing on-the-job performance.

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ETU | Immersive Simulator - plug & play with existing tech stack

Plays with your tech stack

Plug & Play with your existing LMS or talent technology for a seamless learner and administrative experience. No scheduling needed, so learners can take and retake simulations when it suits them.

Deploy simulations to a global audience via ETU’s unrivalled scalable infrastructure while delivering a fully mobile-enabled and responsive experience.

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ETU | Immersive Simulator - real-world learning

Real world experiential learning

ETU simulations provide limitless opportunity to practice and perfect how to successfully manage complex real-world business scenarios.

The immersive roleplay environment leads to improved performance and higher levels of engagement, motivation and learner satisfaction.

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Skills-based personalization at scale

Adaptive Personalization is a key feature of the Immersive Simulator. It optimizes learning paths, increases engagement, and most of all, it reduces learner seat time by 30-50%.


Our areas of expertise

ETU’s deep expertise comes from over 10 years of co-building behavioral simulations with some of the world’s leading companies. Scenario-based learning design, combined with an engaging first person perspective is ideally suited to human and business skill development. We can help you transform learning in critical business areas such as:


Insights and resources

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Improve learner retention by engaging emotional responses

Improve learner retention by engaging emotional responses

Immersive simulations are an effective digital learning method, as they create an emotional response that leads to employee buy-in, skills retention, and behavioral change. Here are three triggers to amp up learners' emotions.

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New decision confidence and ranking interaction types within ETU's LSP

Extend the reach of simulation training with ETU’s LSP release 22.3

Explore how new decision confidence and decision ranking interaction types from ETU will foster greater learner reflection that improves learning.

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ETU - Gold Smartchoice Preferred Provider

Solution provider profile by Brandon Hall Group

Analyst firm Brandon Hall Group recently profiled ETU, with a thorough look at how we fit into the marketplace and how our offerings are impacting our customers. Review excerpts from the profile or download a full copy.


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