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Traditional face to face instructor-led training (ILT) is costly, time-consuming, impractical to scale, and often ineffective. The need to digitize and scale corporate learning is pressing, especially in ‘soft skill’ disciplines such as leadership, negotiation, reasoning, critical and creative thinking. 

96%of business leaders see upskilling of existing workers as a “top 10 priority”

‘Retraining and reskilling workers in the age of automation’ McKinsey

75%of traditional learning methods do not measurably improve employee or business performance

‘Getting more from your training programs’ McKinsey

57%of business leaders ranked soft skills over hard skills when developing their talent

*ETU research paper


L&D leadership challenges

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To deliver an upskilling revolution, organizations need scalable digital solutions for people to learn, adapt and perform.

They need to move beyond an information retention focus, to create scalable L&D programs capable of developing the transversal skills, behaviors and competencies needed to capitalize from change.

The combination of behavioral science, immersive simulations and analytics can be applied in any learning program to address the following L&D challenges:

Budget allocation

CLO’s need to concentrate budgets on programs and initiatives that drive measurable business value. Traditional learning programs do not provide accurate data to deliver maximum impact on the business.

Learner engagement

Learners span multiple generations with diverse learning preferences and busy schedules. The challenge is to improve job performance and retention without impacting on daily work schedules and productivity.

Business impact

There is increasing pressure on L&D initiatives to respond to fast-changing business needs and demonstrate tangible impacts across the business.


With the reputation and financial costs of mistakes so punitive in global enterprise, there is a need for a safe practice area where learners swiftly and safely develop complex problem solving skills.


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Transform global L&D initiatives cost effectively at scale and speed with ETU’s behavioral learning platform, methodology, simulations and services.


Immersive learning simulations

Empower your team to learn from real world business scenario simulations to promote the behaviors that lead to smarter decision making across your enterprise.

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Enterprise-grade platform

Benefit from rapid collaborative builds, plug and play delivery and rich powerful insights on our unique platform, which is securely built for scale, speed and efficiency.

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Transformative advisory services

Let us help prepare your global enterprise for today's fast-changing business environment. Our advisory services help formulate and execute a global L&D strategy.

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Resources and insights

Upskilling your global workforce

Upskilling by the numbers: Reach your global workforce with impact and speed

Upskilling and reskilling has never been more important. Have a look at our infographic that outlines the key skills, compares delivery methods and shares real world results.

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Upskilling your team

4 strategies to upskill your hybrid team effectively

Upskilling hybrid teams will continue to be a major 2022 goal. Here are 4 strategies to ensure organizations can upskill their hybrid team effectively.

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CEOWORLD Magazine - Michael Veale, ETU's CEO

What naturally follows the Great Resignation? A reskilling & upskilling revolution

ETU's Chief Executive Officer, Michael Veale, recently contributed an article to CEOWORLD magazine that focused on how organizations can utilize reskilling and upskilling for engagement, job satisfaction, and retention.

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