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ETU continues to grow, expanding its customer and employee base

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ETU, the market leader in learning simulation technology, continues on an exponential growth trajectory. On track to double its revenue in 2021, the company continues to evolve, expand and scale. Recent expansion of ETU’s customer base has included new partnerships with IBM and McKinsey, as well as expansion with existing clients like PwC, Pacific Gas & Electric and EY. ETU recently crossed the notable threshold of one million simulation completions by its users worldwide. A 56% increase in use of tech-based simulations has fueled this surge in demand.  

To align with this explosive growth, ETU plans to create 100 jobs in Ireland and the U.S. over the next 14 months. New roles will be opened across all areas of the business, including multiple roles focused on next-generation sim technology that incorporates machine learning and AI. ETU’s COO, Dr Declan Dagger, explained, “ETU is at the forefront of immersive technologies for rapidly upskilling global workforces. Our award-winning Learning Simulation Platform already supports the development of millions of employees across the globe. With this phase of expansion, we are adding further capabilities to empower our customers to be better prepared for the global skills shortage they face and maximize their return on talent.”

In another move to support its rapid growth, this week ETU announced a new structure for its executive team, preparing a group of strong leaders to take the company to the next stage:

CEO Michael Veale commented this week, saying, “With this team at the helm, ETU is better positioned than ever to serve our growing list of clients. ETU’s senior leaders will help guide our workforce as we enter our next level of success.”

To meet the growing demand for simulation technology worldwide, ETU continues to actively hire for numerous roles. View additional open roles at

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