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ETU raises funds for Children's Health Ireland during 2023 Clash of The Companies

ETU - 2023 Clash of the Companies

In recent weeks, ETU employees have been supporting the Irish Children’s Health Foundation through Clash Of The Companies, Ireland’s largest team building event. ETU employees have been busy with creative activities to raise donations as the event’s culmination approaches. On July 7th, a two-hour scavenger hunt challenge will take place throughout the streets of Dublin.

Clash Of The Companies has raised over €1.2 million to help transform the lives of children who are in need of the services. Funds raised by this year’s event go towards the Neurology and Renal Outpatients’ Unit, the upgrading of the Outpatients’ Department, and new equipment to support and change the lives of sick children in Ireland.

ETU employees in both the US and Europe have contributed donations to raise funds for this event. Further donations can be made on ETU's team fundraising page .

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