Financial Services Learning & Talent Development Innovations - Oct 2021

How to build DE&I capability using immersive learning simulations

Financial Services Learning & Talent Development Innovations Conference

Although many financial services leaders acknowledge the need for diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), they face challenges with executing on a DE&I imperative. Challenges abound when trying to engage learners in a safe environment across the enterprise.

One solution to these challenges has been the use of immersive simulations to teach, coach and practice diversity-related skills. The rise of simulations within the financial services sector is due in part to their engaging learner experience, ease and depth of deployment.

Join ETU's Sowmya Sudhindranath and Anne Clinton during this recorded presentation at the Financial Services Learning & Talent Development Innovations Conference.

In this session, we’ll take a closer look at how L&D teams are using simulation technology to build DE&I skills and awareness within their workforce. You’ll get a tour through a DE&I simulation in action, and see how it was authored (it’s easier than you think). And you’ll get a chance to see the holy grail - the powerful behavioral data that can be tracked within simulations.

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