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Rapid upskilling using immersive simulations and data analytics

Rapid upskilling using immersive simulations and data analytics

Now more than ever, companies must remain agile to stay competitive. Learning leaders must act as solutions architects to identify and deliver innovative learning experiences that drive business results. Over the last year, Merck’s Global Learning and Development (GL&D) function launched a major transformation: re-evaluating its current operating model for learning and skills development. They used a simulation learning solution to drive results.

Join Merck learning leaders Theresa Zeller and Jennifer Iannetta during this complimentary Training Industry webinar recording, sponsored by ETU. Theresa and Jenn share how they used scenario-based simulations to effectively upskill their global L&D team.

You'll learn how Merck gained data-driven insights from the simulation data, including:

  • A realistic assessment of the organization’s current capabilities
  • Where learners demonstrated behavior change and increased performance
  • The level of testing and remediation required to meet the success criteria

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