Immersive digital simulations

Measure, learn, perform. Empower your people to learn from real world, business simulation training and promote smarter decision-making across your operations.


Real world experiential learning

Unlike traditional learning delivery options, ETU simulations provide unlimited opportunity to practice and perfect how to successfully manage complex and challenging real world business scenarios. ETU’s immersive roleplay and first person perspective drives better learning and business outcomes in a safe and secure digital environment.



Our simulations are designed in first person perspective, placing learners in the driving seat of  immersive, complex and realistic business scenarios that enable them to measure and develop their skills in a safe environment.

Real world experience

Our learn through experience approach allows learners to practice branching roleplay scenarios where cause and effect is explored and explained through rich feedback and coaching.

Promote critical thinking

Our scenario-based simulations are more nuanced and open ended than traditional eLearning, and as a result, promote more holistic critical thinking and practical problem solving.

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L&D tailored for business impact

1. Learner experience

Through active and immersive learner experiences, mission critical skills and behaviors are developed effectively and efficiently, while delivering unprecedented engagement and satisfaction levels.

Learn new skills fast

2. L&D manager experience

Through scalable and easy deployment, L&D practitioners can rapidly respond to business needs with solutions that deliver proven skills development, behavioral change, engagement, and real-time analytics to demonstrate impact and ROI.

Optimize L&D impact

3. Organization experience

Through insightful behavioral analytics, business leaders and stakeholders can identify, remediate, and optimize the desired skills and behaviors of all employees to drive accountable business performance.

Upskill at scale

Why our simulations outperform others

1 Soft-skills, hard-data

Our scientifically-validated, award-winning capabilities help to accurately and precisely measure the soft skills and behaviors required to perform optimally in a job role.

2 Simulations at scale

Respond to your digitization requirements by designing, building and delivering simulations on a global scale with ETU’s award-winning platform.

3 Measure, learn, perform

Our innovative methodology enables learners to assess and benchmark their capabilities first, then practice in their areas of weakness to optimize performance.

4 Better learning experience

Because they bring immersive, first-person perspective, roleplay simulations consistently score higher on learner satisfaction reports, encourage engagement and increase learner motivation.

We also outperform on business results


Direct and indirect operational
cost savings

50%faster build times

Reduction in build time compared
to industry benchmarks

92%faster delivery

Delivery time for training
5,000 managers reduced from
2+ years to under 2 months

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simulation options

Simulations for all business contexts

Our behavioral learning simulations offer clear and progressive learning paths with fresh insights into challenging and realistic real-world challenges across many disciplines.


Simulation themes

We advise on, design and build role-specific simulations tailored to business outcomes in all areas of your organization. Our most popular topics are listed below, but this is not a definitive list.

1. Leadership

Agile working, Design thinking, Data-enabled story telling, Change management, Critical thinking

2. Risk & compliance

Effective risk management, Establishing risk priorities, Compliance mindsets, Sexual harassment prevention

3. Sales

Prospecting, Sales conversations, Sales negotiation

4. Diversity & inclusion

Supporting and promoting D&I, Unconscious bias

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Simulation formats

Our behavioral assessment and learning simulations develop skills, change behaviors and deliver significant impact and ROI over traditional methods. Our simulations can be built with multiple media types based on your business requirements.

1. Video/actor-based

High-fidelity, realistic, immersive, learning experiences

2. Image/audio-based

Rapid delivery with engaging experiences

3. VR-based

360 degrees video of realistic business environments and scenarios

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Simulation build options

You can choose from a variety of rapid simulation build options that leverage our behavioral learning and agile design expertise.

1. Self-build

Partner with us to train and certify your team, enabling them to internally build and rollout simulations.

2. Co-build with ETU

Collaboratively co-build and co-produce game-changing behavioral learning simulations tailored to your business requirements.

3. Custom build

Let our expert development team create custom simulations or choose from our range of award-winning off the shelf simulations.

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data analytics

Data-rich insights that deliver real results

Advanced behavioral analytics generate insights that inform more personalized learning paths, identify high performers and optimize learning outcomes across the workforce. The impact is felt across your organization as stakeholders quickly and precisely identify the key behaviors that drive performance and can remediate any critical gaps to sustain productivity and competitive advantage.

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