No-code Authoring

Simulation Builder

Build high quality simulations rapidly with our cloud-based, no-code authoring environment. The built-in skills measurement framework makes it easy to capture the skills and behavior data you need from every simulation.


Building sims has never been easier

With our simulation build wizard, authors can create a full simulation model fast and easily. It automatically generates a full simulation model, including all decision points, skills, scoring and sections. All relevant configurations for the simulation type are also automatically activated.


Create immersive learning experiences

The simulation builder is designed from the ground up to create highly effective immersive learning. Speed and efficiency are built into the scripting process.

ETU | Simulation Builder - skills data capture built in

Skills data capture built-in

Unlike other authoring platforms, ETU’s simulation builder includes a skills data capture framework. Authors define skills and select a scoring rubric. Each decision is then linked to relevant skills for automatic data capture and later analysis.

Build optimizers allow authors to preview the range of paths and outcomes that a learner might experience. With this clear visibility, the author can adjust skill scoring and feedback to match anticipated learner choices.

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ETU | Simulation Builder - NLP and AI technologies

Advanced NLP and AI technologies

Scripting a sim is simple, with side-by-side editing of character dialogue, learner responses and coaching scripts, so you can build in your ideal level of learner challenge and psychological safety.

Build optimizers scan learner decision text for readability, consistency, objectivity and bias. Authors can then quickly tweak scripts, improving the immersive experience and stopping learners from gaming the simulation.

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ETU | Simulation Builder - NLP and AI technologies

Accelerate build with templates

With ready-made templates included, it’s quick and straightforward to produce a variety of simulation types - assessment, developmental, knowledge check, and test-out. Combine patterns easily to form more complete learner journeys.

The simulation builder automatically sets up recommended configurations for the simulation type. This saves time and helps uphold best practices in learning design.

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Quality staging & high production values

Within the simulation builder, you can use real actors and the highest production values. Use the full audio and visual capabilities of the platform to create highly engaging environments. Subtle visual and auditory cues trigger emotional engagement in the learner. 

If your project demands a more cost effective cast and faster delivery, you can create synthetic characters based on real actors, using AI. This is particularly useful in applications where there’s a need for significant multilingual localization.


Expertise in critical business areas

ETU has 10 years of experience co-building immersive simulations with some of the world’s leading companies. Our scenario-based, first person learning design is purpose-built for effective human and business skill development.


Insights and resources

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