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Build better and faster with ETU Platform Release 21.3

Build high quality immersive simulations

As the leading provider of a Learning Simulation Platform (LSP), ETU continues to innovate and deliver more to customers through new features within our latest release. Breakthrough improvements in the Simulation Builder, along with a refresh of how feedback is provided in the Learner Experience, top the list of highlights within the 21.3 platform release.

With these latest upgrades, ETU’s Learning Simulation Platform enables Learning & Development teams to build better immersive simulations more quickly, while also improving learner engagement. Catch the highlights below.

Build sims better and faster

Create a full simulation model in just a few minutes with the all new Build Wizard. See your model appear in just four simple steps with skill and behavior measurement baked-in. The wizard embeds best practice as it guides the author through each step of model creation. Advanced configuration options are automatically selected based on the training objectives, allowing you to build high quality models every time.

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Great to see ETU is making it easier and quicker to build sims.

The build wizard is impressive.


Improved learner engagement

Easily configure a rich learning feedback experience with the new Learner Outcomes. The outcome experience includes highly personalized feedback to improve learner engagement. Next steps are clearly signposted to learners, promoting upskilling through focused coaching and practice. Encourage feedback and direct your learners to the right content, all from within the new Learner Outcomes.

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Gives learners a quick picture of where they are and to get them to practice or retake right away.

We like the new user experience - specifically the What’s Next section to guide learners in their learner journey.

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