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ETU - Brandon Hall webinar: Building critical skills with immersive learning

Building critical skills with immersive learning

Companies have been struggling to close skill gaps by upskilling and reskilling their current workforce. The biggest challenge they face is that many of the critical skills the business needs are not well served by traditional eLearning, and classes do not scale well to meet the need. As companies try to develop better leaders and managers, become more agile, diverse and inclusive, and assimilate new talent faster and more effectively, they are recognizing the value of providing simulation-based learning.

Immersive simulations can be used to provide opportunities to practice and apply new skills in a safe, consequence-free environment. They also illustrate the connections between these skills and the real world.

David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Dr. Declan Dagger, Chief Operations Officer at ETU, explore how simulations fit into the modern technology ecosystem. They look at the benefits, best practices, and examples of how companies are building skills with simulations.

Discussion topics include:

  • Immersive learning as part of an overall learning strategy
  • Applying simulations to different skills
  • Learning needs for which these technologies are a good fit
  • The benefits as part of a business case for immersive learning
  • Examples of skills-based simulations

The webinar takes a closer look at leadership development simulations, and how they are used to practice moments that matter, including a short live demonstration of a leadership simulation.


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