The Learning Forum speakers - Andrew Wolff and Kelly Lynch at IBM Consulting, and Austin Kenny at ETU
Learning Forum

IBM upskill 100k learners with adaptive simulations

Adaptive personalized learning at scale

IBM Consulting includes more than 100,000 learners that are critical to IBM Corporation’s business success. A recent initiative was launched to transform how IBM develops core, consulting, and client engagement skills across the IBM Consulting business—quickly and at scale—shifting from live training to digital-first, personalized, blended learning to drive down costs and enable +3x participation.

Watch this recording to hear more about IBM's path on this transformation journey. Learn about the best practices leading to impressive projected seat-time savings of learners who test out of the program: Over $13 Million in consultant time savings by end of year 3.

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Consultant time is valuable—and therefore costly. Every hour invested in training is an hour unavailable for billable work. Being effective and efficient with learners’ time was critical. IBM chose adaptive simulations to help personalize learning delivery, allowing for customized "just-in-time, just-enough, just-for-me” skill building for its consultants around the globe.

You'll also learn about the adaptive simulations that are reducing learner fatigue and helping to upskill at scale, improving time to competence.


  • Andrew Wolff, VP-Learning, Knowledge & Early Professional Talent Leader, IBM Consulting
  • Kelly Lynch, Learning Strategist, Consulting Lead, IBM Consulting
  • Austin Kenny, Chief Revenue Officer, ETU

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