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Immersive learning that's modular and inclusive - Summer 23 release

Learning Simulation Platform Summer 2023 release

ETU's Summer 2023 release enhances course management, streamlines learning, and delivers even more seat-time savings. The learner experience updates ensure your simulations meet best practice guidelines for inclusivity.

The latest release also enables additional integration options, as highlighted below.

Course Management

The latest release enhances course management which streamlines the experience for learners. Outcome pages for micro-simulations can now be bypassed in favor of consolidated feedback in the new course outcome pages. The enhancements could save 10-15% in seat-time for a course of micro-simulations.

The new streamlined options facilitate the modularization of content, allowing designers and architects greater flexibility in designing courses. For example, a designer might create a course of micro-simulations where each short simulation focuses on a single skill. Learners who do not reach the pass level for a particular skill only need to retake a micro-simulation, optimizing seat time. 

Simulation Course - Leadership - ScreenshotCourses of micro-simulations - learner view

WCAG Conformance

ETU ensures your immersive simulations are inclusive through WCAG 2.1 Level AA conformance. The platform does the heavy lifting by optimizing the learner experience. Instructional designers don't need to worry about UI details such as contrast levels or color blindness; the platform takes care of this. It goes beyond essential compliance; for example, integration with screen readers optimizes the simulation experience, bringing learners straight to decisions.

Learner PreferencesNew video autoplay option - part of WCAG upgrades

ETU constantly updates its technology support for inclusive learning. This includes extensive revalidation processes with clients and third-party reviews of the platform interface and experience. These incremental changes streamline conformance to WCAG guidelines and improve the inclusivity of simulations.

Support for Global Rollouts

Other enhancements included with this release include an improvement to translation management. The release adds language validation capability, which brings even more efficiency to the localization process for global deployments. This, combined with new reporting segmentation options, allows data to be filtered by language attempts, creating a more granular and in-depth view of learner activity.

language verification
Language Management - language validation review

Please speak with your Account Manager or contact us to learn more about the latest release.

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