Simulation learning: Optimizing behavior change at scale
Research Paper

Simulation learning: Optimizing behavior change at scale

In a recent survey of 400+ learning leaders, 95 percent of those using simulation learning reported positive learner impact and success in achieving organizational outcomes.

This 2021 survey conducted by Chief Learning Officer suggests there is now ample evidence of learning simulations’ ability to effectively deliver meaningful, engaging, impactful learning content to virtually any targeted audience.

To be successful though, the survey made one thing clear: correct measurement and reporting tools must be incorporated into the simulation structure from the beginning.

Download a copy of the newly released executive research brief to explore:

  • Are behavioral simulations effective in delivering against business goals?
  • Can they be easily and cost efficiently adapted for new uses and applications?
  • What are the considerations and components necessary for simulations to be measurably effective?

The research summary of survey results looks at the new generation of learning simulations and their effectiveness.

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