ATD webinar speakers: Sowmya Sudhindranath at ETU, and Ann Bentzen-Bilkvist

3 fail-proof parts of an upskilling strategy

How to measure and develop skill proficiency at scale

Employee skills have emerged as the new currency for talent success. Accelerating the development of key skills is at the top of every talent leader’s agenda.

Watch this session for expert advice on honing your upskilling and reskilling strategy. Learn practical ways to:

  • Improve learner engagement
  • Use data to improve effectiveness
  • Design for scalability
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Making an impact means focusing on critical skills gaps and using more effective training methods. If skills are the new currency, then we need an objective way to measure skills proficiency — and to deploy this at scale in an automated way.


  • Ann Bentzen-Bilkvist, Executive Learing Consultant
  • Sowmya Sudhindranath, Chief Services Officer, ETU

To download the webinar takeways, click here.


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